Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blogs Into Books

Right now I'm back home. Iaine and I are spending a few days here at my parent's house where I grew up and I'm sitting here in my old bed with my back against the headboard, my head rested on 3 big pillows and my fingers typing away on the soft keys of my sister's netbook. It feels great to be here... maybe that's why I had the urge to write another post.

I follow a lot of blogs and one of them had a recent post about her blog being turned into memoirs. Books. And I thought, OMG that's such an awesome idea.

I mean have you ever thought about the possibility of your blog just... disappearing? Like what if the Blogger peoples randomly decided to cut you out of their system to allow more cyberspace or whatever? Or what if they had some technical issues and deleted your blog? That happened to my husband, btw. He contacted the Blogger admins and made sure he would get his blog back. I think it took some time for them to retrieve it but whatever, it wasn't a pleasant experience I'm sure.

So anyway, this blog-into-books thing is genius. A lot of bloggers already have this idea but I'm referring to a specific kind of publishing. In the US, I hear there are stores that offer this kind of service and I wish we have something like that here in PH. It's such a great idea especially for mommy bloggers because it's a way to immortalize memories -- the good and the bad.

I wonder if blogs would go obsolete by the time Iaine reaches adulthood. But what if, right? Wouldn't it be nice to have something tangible that keeps written memories of yesteryears?

As I am sitting here typing the last paragraph of this entry and simultaneously watching my beautiful Iaine from a distance, full of innocence and charm, basking in the glory of the morning sun with birds' chirps in the background, I am once again reminded that when she gets older she wouldn't remember any of this. So... I am seriously thinking about getting a book done. No pressure, just an option, but I am thinking about it.

Iaine brushed my hair for the first time. I am in the clouds!

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  1. How nice it must be to enjoy a few days back at home. I worry about my blog being eaten by cyberspace as well. I think I'm going to have it bopund at the end of each year. Laine is beautiful!