Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tweeting Hippo

Today I feel like a clumsy elephant. Enormous and all over the place.

That was my last tweet before I started typing this blog entry. After a cool refreshing bath this morning I put on a very loose fitting shirt, gray leggings and white flip flops coz didn't really feel like dressing up today.

By noon I was feeling like a large mammal escaped from the zoo. Say, a hippo.

When Jai and I got home I quickly changed into a long body hugging shirt, my maternity jean shorts and white gladiator sandals. Looking at myself I released a sigh of relief and felt much better. I felt like my old self again, style conscious and kikay.

I'm not picky when it comes to my clothes. I don't even like buying signature/branded ones. I appreciate those kind of gifts but buying them myself? No thanks. I buy and wear anything that suits me right, whatever the price.

My relatives say I shouldn't be wearing body fit tops but in my opinion it's the perfect way to express how proud I am of my baby bump and my new womanly curves! Relatives and friends have been giving me hand-me-down maternity clothing and don't get me wrong, I appreciate the gesture and I like wearing them, but sometimes I just wanna embrace my pregnant figure and just let my round belly show.

Now that's more like it!
20-21 weeks AOG, 09.30.09

I have my lazy days when I don't wanna wear any make-up and just put on anything I could grab from my closet, but once I see the melasma stricken face with a hippo's body in the mirror I make a U-turn and run back to the closet. The last thing I want to overhear is, "Ano ba yan, nabuntis lang, nalosyang na." I think pregnant women should always look their best no matter what occasion. We should be looking like we're carrying a human being in our womb ladies, not a blood sucking parasite!

I'm just not sure if all this could be applicable to the extremely difficult last weeks of the third trimester. Lol


  1. you're one great looking hippo then! :p

  2. tama. angsexy mo namang hippo kung hippo ka. waaa gusto ko tuloy ng steak n cheese....

  3. @jaiskizzysexylove
    Akala ko sexy hippo?? Hungry hippo naman un! :/