Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tiny Bits and Pieces

I've been playing Cafe World for hours and I'm bored out of my mind. Jai and I are supposed to be heading somewhere but we're not getting the call we've been waiting for. So while we all wait for the world to turn a little faster, here's few bite sized chunks of my life you can sink your teeth into:

1. Cafe World at Facebook is addicting but it's hard moving up the game.

2. I hate how my hair looks. This is just one of the downsides of being pregnant--no trips to the hair salon 'til I pop this baby out but even then I still have to wait a couple of months so the baby won't smell the stench of chemicals that linger for days. So much for not being losyang.

3. I have an insatiable craving for turon. I could eat it all day.

4. I'm anxious about the Braxton Hicks contractions. They're false labor contractions and I'm supposed to start feeling them any time soon.

5. I'm turning 22 on Thursday. I intend to do nothing about it. There's nothing planned except a sleep over at my family's house tomorrow night. There's not even a dinner date or anything like that. I'm just thankful for a lot of things, and being happy and healthy is all that matters to me.


  1. i love turon! (even if im not preggers hehe)

    wow, happy birthday! i'll be turning 22, too, next month :)

  2. magka- bday pala kayo ng BF ko..! never realized that until i was riding on a jeep and saw your house in san pascual.. hehehe.. i read this kninang b4 lunch pero nde ko naisip na bday dn pala bf ko sa thursday.. toinkz! AND we've been contacts in multiply for quite a long time, nde ko man lang napansin.. *sigh* anyway, advance happy bday..=>

  3. @ joice: Ako rin. I've always been a turon fan kahit nung hindi pa ko preggers. And it has to be covered in a lot of brown sugar, at dapat mejo toasted. Gusto ko rin ung walang additives, for example, langka or vanilla syrup or whatever. I love plain old turon just as it is! Haha..
    Thanks for the greeting. :) And advanced happy birthday to you!

    @Joyce: Oh you still remember where I live pala. Servicemates! :D Btw, nakita ko si tita virgie nung isang araw sa SM. Hasn't changed much. Lol
    Oo nga mejo matagal na rin tayo multiply contacts. Pero hindi na ko msyado active don. I update my facebook na lang lagi tska etong blogspot ko. Pati si bf, nakalimutan na rin ung multiply nya. Haha. Anyway, Happy birthday to ur bf! :)