Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank God (if) It's Thursday

I want it to be Thursday. This week I'm officially 24 weeks pregnant and Jai and I still have no idea if I'm carrying a boy or girl. On Thursday we intend to find out. We wanna find out. BADLY.

But I have to admit that I'm quite frustrated with these prenatal check ups. I've been going to my OB-GYN once a month for the past 5 months but every time we do an ultrasound we just go home clueless and disappointed. We're happy that the baby seems to be in good shape but knowing if it's a HE or SHE is part of the fun of expecting and it just seems that we're short of luck on that department.

The SM 3-Day Sale ended yesterday. I wanted to brave the traffic jam and the crowd to look around for baby things but I still chose not to go. What's the point? I'm not even sure what to fill the cart with. Pink or blue? Flowers or plaids? I just wasn't up to it.

I'm very frustrated.

The last time we tried to figure out what the baby was, the umbilical cord was between his/her legs so it was TOTALLY impossible to tell what was hiding under there. The ultrasound technician tried different angles to get a good shot but it was useless, not to mention getting more and more painful on my part. No matter how hard the pressure she exerts on my tummy, we never got a chance to get a clear view of baby's package.

On the way home I was feeling a bit sad. At that point I envied all the other mommies in the world who talk to their babies by their name of choice. My husband admitted he was disappointed too, and promised that he wouldn't expect anything the next time I have my checkup.

So on Thursday I'm not expecting anything either. I want to find out, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. If heaven forbids that we know I'll be more than happy. Sure, to learn that I'm carrying a healthy baby is more important than anything else, but like I said, finding out the sex is part of the excitement pregnancy brings to expecting parents. Oh there it goes again. The key word. EXPECTING.

How much longer should we expect?


  1. hmm,dont be too sad. i'm sure by now you're done and over with the check up and more than excited to keep us posted, too :) goodluck jee!

  2. haaay di pa rin alam kung *a**n or *a**e ang ipapangalan. pero malamang e *a**e na nga.

  3. @ joice: Um.. There's still no sure news actually.. :/
    @ Love: 90% nga, like you said..