Friday, October 30, 2009

Touch Me Not

My baby has a life of its own and needless to say at this point she's still inside me. Well I think it's about time I made something clear. Sometimes it seems impolite for just anyone touch my belly if I don't like to be touched. It's still me and my sensitive shallow innie belly button and it drives me crazy to be rubbed just by anyone. This has happened a lot of times already since I started "to show". The first few times were okay and I actually loved it every time people noticed how pregnant I looked. But now that my skin feels like it's stretched to the limits, it's very sensitive to touch and it's annoying whenever an unwelcome hand rubs my midsection without my consent. I understand that people think a humongous pregnant stomach is cute but let me tell you--it's doesn't feel too cute to that poor pregnant person.

Sometimes though, it is forgivable. I don't know. Pregnant women are just cranky sometimes. :P


  1. you should have a "do not touch" sign posted on your tummy :) hehe..

  2. kung pwede nga lang eh! haha :))