Thursday, October 8, 2009

2rning 22

At around 3 in the morning my husband asked me how it feels like to turn 22. I responded with a shrug and a simple "Wala lang."

I don't feel a year older. I feel a LOT heavier though (I have the baby to thank for that). Sure, sometimes I notice new fine lines on my face but I don't think I look much different than I was 2 or 3 years ago.

What I do think has changed is everything else but me. I feel like my life has turned 360 and I'm just standing in the center of it, unmoved. In the aspect of maturity however, I'm not even sure if I've changed for the better. I guess I'll just have to leave that question to the rest of the world.

So how did the big day go?

I was wide awake in the darkness of a school gym when the clock 12 struck twelve and signaled the beginning of October 8th. Myself, my husband, and the rest of my Maranan family attended an occasion as the ever so loyal supporters of my cousin who competed in a beauty pageant last night. Much to our happiness, my cousin won the beauty title and I must say it made the literal start of my birthday extra special.

Pictures were taken, congratulations and thanks were exchanged, and before the janitors could close up shop, we retreated homeward. The embarrassing power-interrupted beauty contest was finally over and done.

Jai and I decided to spend the night at my family's house. It's what I've always wanted--to spend my birthday with the ones who are dearly close to my heart, my family. This afternoon my mom and I had a pedicure, then she treated us to a late lunch at the mall, we shopped for some groceries and then dropped by my grandparents' house before going separate ways home. And you know what, all this may sound so simple but I mean it when I say that I've just had a very happy birthday.

Well there is one thing. I guess it could only be more special if my dad was here with us. He's overseas and all he could do was make a call this morning, but I, of course, understand more than anyone else in the world. He's a very loving and responsible father, and aside from being thankful that I've just had a happy birthday, I'm relieved to know that he's just fine. That's worth more than any material birthday gift.

The day is about to end and here I am, sitting in front of the laptop, enjoying instant noodles and donuts with my husband, remembering what happened today and all the days before this. It's days like this that makes one really appreciate life and how far one has come.

And so far, I think I haven't done so bad. :)


  1. happy birthday!:) such a mature post, i should say. i mean, we can only appreciate these simple things in age as ours.

    and that photo just gave some strong gut feel it's gonna be a baby boy...

  2. @ joice: Thank you!.. Really? Boy? Ang dami nagsasabi mukha raw girl. I don't know, I'm really confused haha

  3. hmm, well the ultrasound can tell that more accurately than I. hehehe. i remember people saying that if the tummy's really really round, plus if the mom's getting prettier as the bump grows,it's going to be a girl. well, i now say it's going to be a girl! hehe :) goodluck!

  4. happy belated birthday, most beautiful pregnant woman in the universes! sana malaman na natin talaga sa next checkup.

    in the meantime, kanta na lang ako: bistidang hapit, brang masikip...

  5. @ jaisexylove:
    thank you my sexylovebebemachowow. may kanta pa talaga...
    hayyyyy sana nga.....