Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nurse in the Farm

As you all know I've stopped working as a nurse while I'm pregnant with my superwonderbaby. That means sometimes days pass without anything to do but stay home.

Then Facebook comes and saves the day!

Farm Ville, Farm Town, Barn Buddy--I play all three farming applications! I never thought it would be fun to tend virtual vegetation and livestock. And what's especially nice about it is being surprised to find out who sends you gifts and discovering your friends' farm design skills. Hearing friends' frustrations in real life whenever they fail to harvest is just as precious too. Laughs.

I'm still trying to talk my mom into playing a farming application but as of now she's still hesitant and tells me she has no idea how. But I get she's quite intrigued about it and only needs a little push to start. She's quite amazed at the hype of these games--she told me even the bank tellers at BDO were talking about Farm Ville on duty.

Speaking of Farm Ville, I think I like it best. It's quite easy to learn the ropes; not as complicated as the others. And I have to admit, I enjoy the background music. My husband and I even sing to it. He composed the lyrics. Laughs again. :))

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