Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reality Check

I wanna come back to work. You know, the real thing. I'm just now sure when, where, and HOW. I don't wanna be stuck at home all the time but because I'm very preggers it's an absolute no-no. I want to be more productive and try something else while my husband and I have this initial business at the side. But the back pains are getting worse and my sleeping patterns are whack. I don't think my pregnant body can handle real work outside the house just yet. We're thankful we have this ongoing home based business that we keep running with the help of his family and we're trying to make it prosper to save up for our future. All things start small and we're in no hurry. That's just the way money comes and goes, right? But reality bites--having a baby changes everything. Food and milk, clothing and diapers, medicine and vitamins, cribs and strollers and toys, routine check-ups and immunizations--all of this will follow through once the baby arrives and they won't stop. The needs will only multiply and as the child grows they will level up like an RPG character and then eats itself.

Yesterday I had my 4th prenatal checkup and to our disappointment, we're still clueless of the baby's sex. The ultrasound technician had a hunch but we're not convinced. The baby's umbilical cord was covering most of its much anticipated package so there's no confirmation in that. BUT, we are very happy that the baby seems to be in good shape and the vitals are normal. It's amazing to see another heart inside my body--a little heart beating twice as fast as mine. Baby has grown a LOT since the last time we saw him/her. The limbs are longer and the digits are more defined and it's just so adorable to watch this budding life crammed in my tummy squirming inside. Jai was taping the whole thing and it was funny to watch the video after the checkup. Turns out that at some very important parts he was too busy watching his kid that he forgot to aim the camera at the baby and not the machine. Lol


  1. sorry naman. namangha laang ako sa ating supling. akalain mong ang dating gagabutil ng mais e taong buhay na ngay-on. kagaling. kahit nakakainip hintayin. basta ang importante ay mahalaga at malusog ang bata't ating mamahalin ng mainam. yay.

  2. wow astig naman ng baby mo.. ang cute! :) conceiving has always been a great miracle.. keep yourself and your baby healthy..:)

  3. @ Love Hubby Sexy: I understand naman Love. Kahit naman nga ako namangha. Bilis ng panahon! Next year may katabi na tayong baby sa bed yihiii... (Mukhang naeexcite rin si baby, ang likot habang tintype ko tong reply ko sayo Lol)

    @ Joice: Cute nga po tlg! Lalo na sa video. Hindi ko lang maupload kasi tinatamad ako haha.. Tska matatagalan pa siguro ulit bago ko maguupload ng vid. Kapag kitang kita na sa 4D ichura ni wonderbaby... Thanks again!