Sunday, September 27, 2009


Happy birthday to my one and only hottie hubby Jai!

September 26, 2009 marks my Love's 29th birthday. We didn't get to celebrate with a bang last year so this year I promised myself that it's gonna be different. I came up with an idea that I've NEVER EVER done for anyone I know...

A surprise birthday party!

I thought about this two weeks before his actual birthday, but because Jai and I and his family were scheduled to go somewhere important on the 26th, I was forced to move the surprise to the 27th. I was supposed to let his family in on the plan but surely we can't celebrate at home so the only way it could work was asking my mom and the rest of my family for help. To cut the story short, we held this surprise party at my maternal grandparents' house. The moment we stepped inside my whole Maranan family sang him a birthday song and by the look on Jai's face anyone can tell he was completely clueless about the whole thing. Surprise surprise! Mission accomplished.

By the way, A BIG THANKS to my mom and the rest of my family. I really love each and every one of you! Thank you!

I could only come up with a simple celebration--cake, food, and drinks. But I really hope I made him happy today... and I hope he feels how much I love him. ♥


  1. he's surely happy!:x happy birthday! (despite Ondoy).

  2. thank you very much, love! ang galing mo at ang sweet mo! dabest ka talaga!!! mahal kitaaaa!!!

  3. @ Joice: I really hope so.. :)
    @ Love: You're welcome, my hottie hubby. MAS MAHAL KITAAAA!