Friday, January 29, 2010

The First Cm!

Our little tigress looks just like her dad! Or I think so, at least.ü I'm so thrilled about this because Jai was such a (frowny but) very adorable baby as you can see here:

Yesterday I had another appointment with my OB. She figured I might be needing an admitting notice soon for me to bring to the ER when the time comes (a note informing the hospital to put me under her service accompanied by some preparatory orders). She gave me one because there's some good news: I'm now 1cm dilated! That's about the size of the tip of the index finger. Finally, some progress! This is a relief because at least this pelvic pain is up to something good. Painful, but good. I also learned that my placenta is now fully mature (Grade 3) and we're all just waiting for me to go into labor. They also noticed the increase in discharge which is another sign that the big day is coming... sooner or later. Nobody really knows, because nothing gives any assurance that I could be in labor in a matter of days or even after a week. Some mothers even stay dilated at 1cm for 2 weeks or more and in some cases even get past their due dates. I maybe having some progress but it's just different for everyone.

According to the ticker I only have about 20 days til I'm due but I'm hoping that the baby will come much earlier than that. I can't imagine 20 more days of lugging myself around with a dysfunctional pelvis like I need a hip replacement. My husband has been a great help though. He's always there to assist me as I walk, go up and down the stairs, rub my back, help me turn in bed and get up from lying down or a sitting position. He wipes my tears when the pain becomes too much to take. He's been by my side all the way. He's the one who has made my pre-mommyhood experience wonderful.

An update on the "nesting" thing... I think my mother-in-law is going through it for me! This afternoon I found her in our bedroom arranging the baby's stuff and checking our bags to take to the hospital. I don't mind, I actually think it's sweet and I'm thankful that she's looking out for me. I helped her gather the few last things and realized I forgot about a few necessities after all. I was so confident and thought all along that I already packed everything but thanks to her I got a wake up call. Who was I to question an experienced mother or four?! She really made sure we have everything we need to bring and reminded me to get the necessary papers photocopied (Philhealth forms and receipts, our birth certificates, etc.) for the hospital paperwork. So thanks, Mama.

Now our bags are ready (for real this time) and we're keeping them in the living room from now on so it's just pick up and go. It seems there's only one thing I overlooked... I forgot to sterilize the formula powder dispenser. lol


  1. ginto ang mga ngiti ng baby natin. dito lang ako palagi para sa inyong dalawa. mahal ko kayo.

  2. thank you love. we love you too. <3