Friday, January 22, 2010

The Start of Weekly Check-Ups

So. My doctor told me to call her once I start to feel it.

She said I could give birth anytime now!

I can't believe this is finally it! This is what we've all been waiting for (and what I've been dreading about) for the entire length of my pregnancy. I'm almost at the finish line. In a few weeks I could finally hold my baby girl. Right now I'm 36-37 weeks pregnant, on my 9th month of pregnancy--which is the final stretch in this wonderful journey of pre-mommyhood.

Yesterday my prenatal check-up went better than I expected,
except for when I found out I have a Urinary Tract Infection and when I felt the pain of being Internally Examined. But anyway our visit went great. We didn't have to wait too long for our turn because we got there early so there were only a few patients waiting before us.

My scan was wonderful. Our baby was showing off--and that's something new! For most of our check-ups she didn't really like to show her face. But this time her face was so clear and she was even sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth like she was yawning! Her chubby cheeks were so adorable you just wanna pinch them! It was exhilarating to see that only after a month she seems to have grown a LOT bigger. But they assured us that her size is just right for her fetal age so that's a relief. We thought all along that she was too big because a lot of people have been telling me I look like I'm carrying twins. I assume there's gonna be a small chance for me to get a c-section because the internal examination also concluded that I could go into trial labor for a normal delivery. Translated that means my baby's head could fit in the birth canal down there.

I keep playing the ultrasound video over and over again (my husband recorded the scan with a digital camera). I can't get over it... My baby girl is almost here. She's not the size of a peanut, a shrimp, or a mango anymore. She's going to be born soon. She's going to see the world and exprience the best life that me and her dad could give her.

My OB told me to come back next Thursday for my weekly check-up if by that time I haven't gone into labor yet. I'm not saying I won't make it to February, but I'm guessing I'll be giving birth before my due date which is February 18. Or I could be wrong. Whatevs. At this point my baby is already considered full-term but I still want her to come out whenever she's ready.


  1. reminds of that song by a band coincidentally named the offspring: come out and play!

    we love you, baby!!!

  2. Oh my! this is exciting. good luck to you and jai!

  3. wow... i'm totally awed. wonderful! goodluck!!!

  4. @ love: let me hear it!
    @ cheska: very exciting! thank u!
    @ joice: thank you so much! i feel like u've been with us all the way. :)

  5. Hi Jeean,

    the last weeks are the longest and most boring, its like you want the baby to come out already. pregnancy and motherhood changes a woman's life 180 degrees, but its a wonderful ride.

    take care.

  6. @ erlyn: you're absolutely right. that pretty much sums up how I feel right now LOL :) thanks!