Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nest for Success

I'm afraid I won't be going into labor anytime soon. So far the "nesting" instinct hasn't kicked in yet and it's bothering me. Or maybe because I'm fully aware of waiting for it to happen so it feels like it's not coming?

The so called nesting instinct is a sort of a DNA-engraved ritual that a soon to be mother psychologically goes through and subconsiously acts out. It's nature's way of saying: "You're having this baby soon. Get off your ass and get started!" A pregnant woman who is near her due date suddenly feels a burst of energy and frantically cleans everything she can get her hands on, or sometimes can't stop rearranging things. I've learned that for most mothers it usually happens just days or hours before they go into labor and they don't really realize it until they tire themselves or when someone notices how weird they're acting.

But my question is this: Is it possible to NOT experience nesting? Because frankly, I don't feel like it's coming for me. In my case, I've already prepared all the stuff we need to take to the hospital for me and the baby last month, so I feel like I don't really need to do a lot of packing and rearranging anymore. Also having this unbearable pelvic, groin, and inner thigh pain doesn't give me much of a choice but to rest for as much as I can in between meals, chores, and occasional walks. To be quite honest and brutally straight, for days I've been feeling like the baby is gonna fall out of my vaj. There is a constant and incredible pressure in between my legs and it's hard to walk, bend over, climb stairs, lift or carry things, put on panties, shorts or leggings, and worst of all--turning in bed and trying to get up. How can nature expect me to nest with that?!

Maybe it's the physical pain that's keeping the nesting instinct from coming. To tell you the truth, I've never felt more ready in my life to have this baby. People have been telling me stories of how painful labor & birth can be, but now it's all just blah to me. I've finally taken that huge leap over my worries and now I'm just looking straight ahead for the big finish. But yeah.. my mind is ready but my body just won't raise the flag.

Or maybe the baby's just not ready yet.

I'm wondering how much more ready should she get?! She's already full term and has a hundred percent chance of survival if she decides to come out anytime soon. Now I don't know which one to expect first... The physical signals or that frickin nesting instinct!


  1. baka napaaga lang nesting mo, love. lapit na na yan lumabas. pramis. konting dag-is na laang.

  2. haaaayyyyyy hirap na tlg ko love. kita mo nmn..
    buti na lng anjan ka. i love you.. thank you.