Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Pregnancy Diaries 6

Welcome to my first blog entry for 2010!

As of now I am 33-34 weeks far along in my pregnancy. There's only four to seven weeks to go, but somehow it feels like the big day is taking too long to come. My body can only take too much of the pregnancy pains. I wanna give birth like... now.

If it's up to me I'd choose a cesarian section straight off the bat. Nowadays it's practically a painless procedure and there's always morphine to kill the post-op pain. And the best thing about it is I get to choose my baby's birth date. Downside? A c-section never comes cheap. So it's gonna be the natural way for me. The "ohmygodi'mleaking" or "itfuckinhurtstakemetothehospitalnowgoddammit" way.

I know someone who gave birth as early as 36 weeks. Thirty freakin six weeks. That's only 3 weeks away from now. In three weeks I could be a mother! But actually every pregnancy is different. In some cases the baby doesn't even descend into the birth canal until after the 40th week (which happened to my mom that's why she was sectioned to give birth to me). So it's either early or late, or just at the right time. There's no telling. And that's what's so freaking annoying.

Moving around has never been harder. Waddling is supposed to help maintain balance and make it easier to walk, but surprise surprise! It's still as exhausting as normal walking. The heartburns come frequently and the rib kicks are just... great. I'm sure my liver is as happy as I am, being punched and kicked and stuff.

It's frustrating whenever I learn that a friend on Facebook has already given birth. I feel jealous every time. I wanna get this pregnancy over with as soon as possible so I can finally be free from the pain, but most importantly so I can finally hold my wonderful little tigress. I know she still has a few weeks to get herself ready for survival outside my womb, but I hope she does it quick. Momma is itching to be with you, sweetie!

And by itching I mean literally itching all over. I don't know what the problem is but I hope it's not cholestasis. I've also thrown up a couple of times this week and my latest blood pressure reading turned out to be higher than my baseline, so it's a bit scary. Preeclampsia can be very very harmful to me and the baby. I've consulted this to my mom and she said I should run to my OB-GYN for advice because you never really know how serious things are until you get checked. My next appointment is on the 21st and actually I have no idea why my doc hasn't asked me to come before that--on the 21st I'll be exactly nine months pregnant. Wouldn't that be odd? But, I just decided to trust my doc and no matter how impatient I'm growing each day, I'm hoping I won't go into labor before my next appointment. Or else things would seem messed up in so many levels.

According to the ticker there's only 44 days to go before I'm due. Fourty-four looooong days left.


  1. i got your back all the way, love. (lterally, massages) im sure all the suspense will pay off and our little tigress will be worth all the wait and pain. i love you both.

  2. i love you too. thank you for taking care of me, i mean US, always.