Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Is It Now

A few days ago Iaine had another diarrhea episode and the worst diaper rash ever. It was hell for both me and her. I had to wash her and change her diaper every time she peed and pooped and while that happened she kicked and screamed. She was in so much pain. I had to handle the situation alone because nobody else could handle her.

That incident made me a bit depressed. I was running out of answers! What could it be this time? Was that the definitive sign of her being allergic to her milk? But why so late and why so sudden?

So we guessed it was the water. From purified water we switched her back to Wilkins distilled water and now her bowel movement is better. I think all this frequent heavy rainfall is affecting the water supply in some way.

I'm still wondering though if we should give Nido Jr. or Pediasure a try. But for now I'm hoping that Enfagrow A+ won't fail us. I'm also forcing Iaine to eat more solids.


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