Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet 16 Months

I guess mothers are just naturally proud of their children as much as they are concerned about them. Lately I've been flooding my facebook page more than usual, with status updates about Iaine's developmental milestones, funny quirks, photos, and videos. Sometimes I may come off as a braggart but I think other moms would understand. Every mother thinks no one's better than her kid. That's like engraved in our DNA or something. So I will never be sorry for being proud of my daughter. Now, I hope you don't mind my rubbing it in LOL...
Iaine turned 16 months old on June 6th (which makes this another long overdue post)! Actually, she doesn't look like she's only 16 months. She's a tall girl with 8 white deciduous teeth (and more cutting through!) and most strangers mistake her for being 3 years old. Some people talk to her expecting an equally understandable statement for a response and it they're always surprised when I tell them Iaine's only a year and 4 months. Even Jai and I can't believe it sometimes as well. Our wonder child is growing up at such a fast pace.

Iaine says a lot of names and words already and each day she learns more antics to show off whenever she's in the mood. She knows how to ask for whatever she likes and playtime is always so fun.

Sometimes she can be a handful just like any other toddler, but she's not like other kids who throw a fit like there's a revolution happening right inside the house. Because she's a very curious child, most of the time I find it hard to keep her away from stuff she shouldn't be touching, but I understand it's only normal.

At this very young age, Jai and I are noticing Iaine's inclination and interest in music and dance. She sings, dances (even interpretatively), and just loooooves to listen to all kinds of music (especially piano and cello)!

Sometimes I also let her make art out of paper and crayons. Coloring outside the lines is okay but I don't think I'll ever be a fan of coloring on the floor, tables, and walls! Thank goodness that hasn't happened yet.
As I've said earlier, my Facebook account is chalkful of Iaine's photos. She loves the camera and being the beautiful girl that she is, the camera also loves her. I'm always reaping sweet comments and likes for her photos and that always makes me happy and proud of being her mom.

It will always be impossible to tell you everything about Iaine's recent developments on this blog. I can write about it on here forever but even that won't be enough. Living with her every single day and seeing everything she does on a daily basis makes me a living diary of her life but I can only tell you so much. As a good mother and wife, I try to always be here to guide her, and watch over her, and seeing her do all these incredible things is enough to make me proud of her. Sharing stuff with the world is actually just a bonus. =)
Like I always say, words will never be enough. No big words will ever be enough. Guess I'll just leave this here: Iaine is too amazing for words. =)

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