Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mascot

If you don't know what or who Jollibee is then it's either you live in another country or under a rock. Jollibee is one of the leading fast food chains in the Philippines and his face is everywhere. There are franchises all over the world but in this country every city has at least one Jollibee restaurant. It's very, very popular because it's marketed especially towards children, teenagers, and family. I even celebrated my 7th birthday in the first ever Jollibee restaurant in this city.

Jollibee is also the name of the main mascot. He's a giant red bee who's always smiling, happy and friendly. Kids love him, including those who are afraid, like hysterically crying when seeing him up close. To a little kid he's like the equivalent of Justin Bieber in the world of teenagers except little children don't have posters of him, draw hearts around his face, dream about being his girlfriend and having Bee as their future last name.

I really think that in this country, there comes a time in every Filipino child's life that he/she learns to love Jollibee. Iaine is soooo at this phase.

She loves the theme song, TV ads, and whenever we're on the road, she points at every Jollibee poster she sees that has Jollibee's face on it. Sometimes she even makes ME point at them just to emphasize how much she loves him.

I'd hate to feed my daughter fast food and kids shouldn't always be having it, but it's amazing how powerful advertising is. Fast food is not the healthiest, but because of the way Jollibee is being marketed even children at the young age of one (babies!) are becoming fans of the brand. To me it's not a bad thing though. As long this Jollibee character is making my daughter happy, he's a good guy.

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