Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

It's the weekend! That means, Jai is home and it's family time. Today the three of us woke up late, did our usual start-of-the-day routines and by the time it was noon we were tired and sleepy again. Jai and Iaine took a nap and I was left awake doing more stuff but when they woke up it was like everybody was energized for playtime and a stroll.

We decided to drop by this convenience store nearby called Mini Stop, kinda like 7-11, to have our merienda (afternoon meal). We tagged Iaine along and the cheerful child was was so excited to go out.

We got to the store and Iaine was screaming in delight. We let her run, walk around and pick up some items from the bottom shelves for the sake of exploration. We paid for or meals and sat down but Iaine was still walking around observing people around her and absorbing the new environment. I'm sure the lights, smell, and colors amused her, and it was fun to watch her take it all in. A simple dine-in experience to two adults could mean so much more to a growing little girl.

I let her take a few bites out of my sandwich and a few sips out of my iced tea, but she was more interested in playing than eating. When we were done, we left the store and I could tell Iaine felt cut short and a bit bummed out, so before heading home we dropped by another place to buy more stuff to take home.

It was a grocery store and Iaine loved being there. But I have to say, the cutest thing she did was grab a pair of rubber yellow slippers from a shelf and put it in my grocery basket. Little boss knows how to shop!

When that was over we finally went home and I could feel the Iaine's fulfillment that afternoon. Sunday is family day and to me, it doesn't matter how we spend it, as long as the family is together.

Iaine stepped inside the house, smiling.

I love how the simplest things still make her feel our biggest love.

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