Friday, August 13, 2010

Half A Year Old!

I've been gone for ages and I don't even know where to start--but I'll try my best!

Iaine just turned 6 months old last Friday (August 6th) and I'm very glad to announce that she's eating solids already! Semi-solid food to be specific, including mashed fruits and ready made cereal. We have yet to explore pureed veggies and I'm trying out Baby Led Weaning. The method seems interesting for both mom and baby because she gets to discover lots of different tastes and textures.

And it's so much fun to use her new stuff too! The Boon Squirt Spoon and Nuby Nibbler (mesh feeder) are wonderful.

Iaine on her 6th month birthday

So anyway, because she's getting bigger, heavier and more active than ever before, it's harder for always having to carry her around. Even her big and strong dad! So, we decided to get her something else to play in besides her crib and play mat / jungle gym. Here it is--the ultimate baby walker!
What was I thinking, wanting an exersaucer? SM Baby Company has released a line of baby walkers that also serve the purpose of a rocker, food tray, bouncer and a stroller!

My mom bought as a gift and it's very nice of her. She's always been so supportive of her granddaughter.

Happy 6th month birthday, my sweet baby cherub! You're half a year old already. Just don't grow up too fast, ok? Pretty soon you'll be walking and then running away from Ma and Pa.. We love you, little one!

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  1. i loved the family pic so lovely! :) Ur lil princess is so big now..parang kelan lang! :) Kakaingit!! God bless u guys!! and its so nice to hear from u here again.. welcome back!