Thursday, August 19, 2010


As a first time mom, I'm one of those who has a lot of questions and I have no problem asking. I've been told that the more you ask, the more you learn, so I want to keep learning.

The Bump has been my favorite mommy site for months and just recently I have found another called SmartParenting Philippines (refer to the badges and gadgets on the right). As a SAHM I have lots of time to go online. Participating in forums has helped me a lot in raising Iaine. They're a good place to communicate with other moms who are going through the same thing. But I must admit--not everything they say is true, nor good for you. Different people equals different needs and experiences, so it's still better to consult a doctor or just follow your maternal instincts. And besides, a website like The Bump isn't only for Q&A, there's always going to be a little drama on the side. I personally stay away from that by trying not to be one of the "popular cheerleaders" and keep my distance. I'm more of a lurker now than a poster for obvious reasons.

But in general, forums are fun! There are PIP games, out-of-this-world signatures, and polls. Being a Bumpie and a SmartParenting Mom has earned me friends, knowledge, and experience and I take pride in the fact that I've also taught other moms a thing or two. It's just like listening to your own mother, except she probably has better advice. :)

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  1. i can't wait to be a mom... ( am really praying hard for it) so as i can understand fully all these sweet moments of u and ur lovely lil princess!