Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 TRUTHS - Hate

Ever since I made that remarkable move of turning over a new leaf, I promised myself that lying will only be a thing of my past. And what better way to reinforce it by stating 30 truths about myself?

This post is the first of the 30 I'll be writing. The series is inspired by another blog post that was inspired by yet another, and I'd like to be a link in the chain. I think this is a great way to reflect on my life in the comfort of my bed, get a personality check, and change for the better.

Although, I've sworn to myself not disclose everything about me to the whole world. Just like a book, there are parts you could skip and parts you should read to have an understanding of the story. Some people might think I'm still young, but to me my life has had so many chapters already I don't know if I can accurately remember everything. I'll try my best not to disappoint though. It's gonna be personal, people! :)

This is my best online challenge yet and I'm glad I found a sensible thing to do on the internet besides Facebook, Twitter, mommy forums, and the usual mommy adventure posts. It's going to be extra fun looking back after so many years.

Let's begin, shall we?


Hate is such a strong word. The moment you say it out loud it's like a tsunami just crashed. We all know it's not a nice emotion and it's only right we do something in order to get rid of the hate and the tight feeling in our chest. But we always have to find a way to deal with it or else things usually turn out worse.

One of the things that I hate about myself is -- wait for it -- I have a hard time dealing with hate. I'm used to be very impulsive when I'm mad. But with all honesty I feel like I've matured and learned how to handle hate the right way, now that I'm a grown woman; married and a mother of one. I've learned that sometimes, silence is the best response.

Patience is important in any relationship especially now that I have a family of my own. There's no room for immaturity and my husband isn't going to tolerate any of it for sure. When you're a wife and mother who's taking care of your husband and a baby 24/7, patience is as essential as breathing oxygen.

But that's only one thing, and I'm still learning how to overcome it. There's still so much to work on. But I'm willing to, because I love myself and my family. And with their help I know I'm going to be the best I can be for them.

So this ends the first of 30. Not enough for ya? Don't worry, a lot more awaits. :)

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  1. Hate is such a strong word and it's hard to overcome it. I am glad that despite your being a young mom and a young wife -- you've managed to stay strong for your family...

    I know that you've gone through some tough times (reading from your blogs) but I am glad you're trying to work on that...

    I'll share you this verse from I Timothy, something I live by back when I was feeling down...

    "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

    Take care!

  2. take care jean.... ur such a sweetheart!