Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome Home, Lulli

Remember this?!

Well the hunt is over! Yesterday, Iaine got her own pink seahorse as a gift from a relative! She loves it. Now she and Lullo have a new friend to play with.
Iaine with "Lullo" (Playskool Gloworm)

Iaine with "Lulli" (Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse)
The best thing about these toys is that they're many things in one. Calmer, night light, music box, plushie. Iaine quiets down and drifts off to sleep easily with her soft fluffy musical friends.

Lulli ~ piano melodies + bubbles
~ 1 press = plays for 5 minutes
~ volume switch (high / low)
~ power switch
~ removable battery pack
~ spot wash recommended

Lullo - piano melodies
- 1 press = plays 1 song
- no volume switch
- no power switch
- removable battery pack
- spot wash recommended

They have a few differences but I highly recommend getting either of them for your little one! To me, they're some of the best toys ever invented.

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  1. oh such a cutie! Am sure your little princess is very happy now with her luli! :) nice to see her again.. bilis niya lumaki! very lovely girl...just like mommy!

  2. hi, cute naman po nung baby mo tnx for sharing

  3. awe she is so adorable!! i remember having one of those glow worms!! this is too cute :)

  4. thanks ladies!
    love you ate eve!