Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 Months and Solids

Today is Wednesday but I have no plans of being wordless cos I got a lot of updates for y'all!

My sweet little ballerina has turned 5 months old yesterday. Yes, Miss Smartypants is just growing up too fast! I dressed her up in a ballerina outfit and my oh my how precious does she look?
Rockstar ballerina, work it girl.
Anyway, this photo below was taken a few days before that one up there and I just wanna share how beautiful she looks here...
Simply charming.
At this point, I'm pretty excited. There are a lot of things to look forward to now that Iaine is getting bigger--literally! She's not lying in her crib all the time waiting for someone to pick her up and give her a bottle anymore, she's super active and ready to explore the world. Aside from her mobility being stronger by the day, I'm so excited about weaning her from just formula to real food. Fruits, veggies, and grains, here we come!

So the other day I recharged my camera, searched for her Looney Tunes food starter set (because most of her things are Looney Tunes) and cleaned it out because the timing was perfect-- I was ready to start Iaine on sabaw (broth) a few days before she reached 5 months. It's absolutely against her doctor's orders (she said we should start on the 6th month) but I think there's nothing wrong with letting her take two sips max of something that isn't even considered a solid one bit. It's just like water but with a little taste. Sabaw.

Unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. My MIL insisted we should give her oscha first (a piece of bread used in Catholic Mass) and because we didn't have any, we had to put the big solid leap on hold. I felt a little disappointed because I was that close to seeing my baby being introduced to something else other than milk, and it's actually a big deal because that's the start of the rest of her solid food life, but meehhhh, whatever. So be it.

But here's the good part. A few days ago I made a wishlist album in my Facebook account just for the heck of it, I mean I don't expect anybody to actually give Iaine that stuff. But after only a few days of posting this photo...
A package came today and voila-- A Boon Squirt spoon! I was so amazed, I felt like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. We were totally susprised and I'm so happy to know that someone who lives so far away from us would be so kindhearted and willing to grant one of my wishes for my little one. She's a good friend of ours and one of Iaine's godmothers (Michelle Lualhati) and she sent Iaine these very nice gifts. I mean it's just a spoon, but there are no words to describe how thankful we are! I can't WAIT to use it. The jittering toy is absolutely cute too!
Now we're REALLY ready for solids!

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  1. sobrang dami talagang nagmamahal ng taos-puso kay iaine. mga mababait na taong walang pumilit maging fans niya.

  2. hi jeean! just bloghopping! i love reading about your adventures with your daughter. she's getting prettier by the day! you must be so proud! :)

  3. @ love: true. swerte natin kay iaineybabes
    @ tin: thanks for stopping by, tin! and yes, we're beaming with pride always :)