Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things to Do

I got more things to do than I thought!

We already rearranged our bedroom furniture and moved a lot of stuff out to make more room for the baby's things, but I just realized I still have plenty I need to finish before the big day.
  • buy lampin and pre-wash them (usually soft absorbent white cloth used as cloth diapers) but the purpose of those would be the baby's pillow in the first few weeks to prevent flat-head)
  • pack the baby's bag (sorry little guy!)
  • pack my husband's things (I kept asking him to do this but he insists this would be an easy last-minute thing)
  • finish packing my own bag (I realized I don't even have binders, slippers, and even toiletries in there yet!)
  • set up the crib
  • pick up my sister's breast pump (she stopped breastfeeding and it's great that I don't need to buy a brand new one for myself)
  • pick up my nephew's day-time bassinet and have it ready in the living room (used only for a few months and he stopped using it just a couple of months ago)
  • sterilize baby bottles and bring some to the hospital (just in case I won't be able to do direct latching and rooming in-- breastfeeding policies and rooming-in policies in Philippine hospitals vary )
  • pack blankets, pillows, and pillow cases
  • aaaaand literally have some on-hand cash!
Something tells me this list isn't even complete!

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