Sunday, April 3, 2016

Post-Pregnancy Whims

Who's gonna give birth this month?


It's April 3rd and I'm getting closer and closer to my due date. I keep imagining what our baby might look like, how big he'll be at the time of delivery, what quirks he'll have that we'll go crazy about, and other things... But what I'm also looking forward to the most is getting to consume all the food and drinks that my doctors have kept me away from these past 9 months! I terribly miss sushi, ice cold soda/softdrinks, hot or iced coffee, a generous amount of hot chocolate, and my most favorite: ICED TEA! I've been a little naughty though by taking small sips out of my husband's drinks at times but just enough so I would satisfy my craving. The craving is insaaaane. So, I made my husband promise that once my bowels are ready to take that all in again after delivery, GIVE ME THAT SHIT, by the bucket. Lol.

Cheers to other April bumpers like me! I wish us all a successful delivery.
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