Monday, April 4, 2016

My Surprise Baby Shower

My surprise baby shower happened last night!
Family and friends made it a huge success. I'm so happy and thankful and I wish I could repay them all with more than words of gratitude!

My sister was the mastermind of it all but a lot of people helped her make the event possible including my wonderful husband. There's just so many of them I just couldn't mention each one! People brought cakes, ice cream, sweets, and pitched in on the food. There were tonnnns of food! I am still overwhelmed by their love.

I've been telling my sister I wasn't planning on a baby shower because my budget is really tight right now as I get closer to having another child that I will need to provide for. But being the wonderful and generous person that she is, she couldn't take that for an answer and set one up a party for me. She made the streamers and other props herself, and even took those to her workplace to finish them. I truly, sincerely appreciate the effort!

To be honest I was awake all night last night (thank you pregnancy insomnia) and slept almost all day until afternoon except when I had to eat breakfast and take 1 bathroom break. As usual I was in pain so I made the most out of my day in resting, even though I feel guilty for not being able to visit my grandparents again this weekend. But because the exhaustion was unbearable I followed my doctor's and my husband's orders to rest. When I find a comfortable position to sleep which is a rarity nowadays, hell yes I will take the opportunity to doze off.

In hindsight, now I get it why my husband kept telling me to fall back asleep LOL. At 3pm I woke up feeling sweaty and uncomfortable so I told him I'm gonna take a bath. He literally almost threw the towel at me which was weird. Next weird things he did: he refused to let me throw away the used cotton bud myself because I would need to leave the bedroom, and he told me to dress in something for 'going out.' Okaaaaay. When I was almost ready to go I asked him if I should just eat in the bedroom (he said my mother-in-law had guests downstairs) so he said he'd check if there was space for us at the dining table. I turned off the TV, unplugged the wall fan. He came back and asked why I did, I told him wellll I want to eat. He then said for us to wait a while because people still occupied the dining table to I turned the TV and fan back on. At that point it was getting a little silly, and I was confused if something was happening or not. A few minutes later, his phone beeped, and we headed downstairs to eat. Finally.
He went downstairs before I did and when I arrived at the landing part of the stairs I was greeting with a joyous "SURPRISE!" by family. Some friends from Manila who I know from work also came over and I'm so touched that they traveled hours just to see me!

We had a laugh about how I had zero makeup on so I went back upstairs to get made up. I was also wearing a blue/green shirt so my daughter said, "Mama, you're only supposed to wear red, black or white." Alrighty then, so I put on a white shirt instead. But that still kind of frustrated her and asked why I wasn't wearing red. LOL kids.

There were no games but the kids got to take a dip in our inflatable pool and I still received presents from these wonderful people even though I wasn't expecting anything. Their presence was enough to be honest, so those gifts were a just a super bonus!

It was a simple gathering of friends and family at home but I truly enjoyed the party, and I'm excited for all of these people to meet our son who is the reason for all of this. One thing's for sure-- he will be showered with lots of love!
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