Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three Updates

Two days of bed rest are over. I left home early this morning to run a few errands. Here's a few updates about me:

1. My sexy love Jai and I finally bought some sample materials for our personally made, hand crafted wedding invitations. Maybe tomorrow morning we'll start working on a few.

2. My youngest sister will be performing tomorrow at the SM City Batangas Event Center for the Search for the New Hannah Montana Rock Sensation. Today I bought her a complete set of fancy accessories to complete her Hannah Montana look--and for a really good bargain! Well that's because frankly, we don't really care that much about how she looks tomorrow. My youngest sister Zshalia has been declared champion in countless singing competitions in school so we're pretty positive about her impressing the judges tomorrow with her golden voice. I'm really proud of my little sister because she has the initiative to join such contest which involves a bigger audience and demands a higher performance level. I also admire how she's so confident whenever she's onstage. And since she registered for the contest she's been practicing her song and routine. Such dedication. And you know what, win or lose, she's still #1 to us. Zshalia, my friends, is just ten years old.

3. And now the sad part... My only living grandfather, lolo Victor, who just celebrated 50 years of marriage with my lola Rosa is in the ICU again. The other day my lola Rosa was just discharged from the hospital and just a day after that, unfortunately it was my lolo's turn to be confined. Jai and I visited him today and seeing him like that broke my heart. I just kept the tears from falling. He's been admitted to the same ICU many times before and now my lolo has tubes sticking out of his nose and mouth and he's hooked to different machines again. He looks so tired and he's having a hard time dealing with his endotracheal tube. He's still sedated but I'm glad he could respond to me when I talk to him by nodding or opening his eyes weakly. At one point he even pointed at his endotracheal tube, maybe asking me what it was for or when they would take it out, but I just said that they can't take it out yet because his breathing needs to stabilize first. Jai could only stand behind me and hold me and watch me stroke my grandfather's hand and back. It was really sad to see him like that, and knowing he's still in that condition makes my heart sink every time I remember. Right now I'm asking you to pray for my grandfather, Lolo Victor, because he needs to get well. He's suffering... and as his eldest grandchild I'm asking you to pray with me, that my lolo will be given the strength of body, mind, and spirit to surpass what he is going through.

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