Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pregnant Diaries 2

I can't take my mind off the fact that I'm a mother in the making. Every waking moment I say to myself, I'm a mom. I'm really a mom! Hindi kami baog! Hahaha. Every day as a pregnant woman is just so exciting!

I'm so overwhelmed with the support that I'm getting from my family and friends. Everytime they see me they're like, "Kumusta na ang buntis?" "Pahawak naman sa baby!" "Ilang months na baby mo?" "Kumain ka na?" "Kuha ka ng food, masama sa buntis ang gutom!" "Wag ka na mahiya, share tayo dito o!" "Upo ka, masama sayo matagal nakatayo at mapagod ng sobra." Which are all in my favor because being pregnant makes moms easily fatigued and super hungry all the time. Well I'm getting suspicious about my growing baby bump though because now that I'm 8 weeks along I don't know if I'm just bloated from all the food or it's really the baby that's starting to emerge. I've learned that women start to show at different times because the body frame, gravidity (the number of times a woman has been pregnant), and basically genetics play a huge part in the timing. Well whatever it is that's making my tummy swell this early--it has made me wear maternity clothes as early as last week!

Speaking of my baby bump, let me share with you an incident that happened at our pre-nup pictorial:

Photographer: "Uh, Jeean, stomach in ka konti."

Jai: "Pano magsstomach in eh magttwo months nang buntis?"


My grandmother got hospitalized a few days ago in the same hospital where I used to work as a nurse trainee. Wow, the looks on people's faces! It's just so funny to see my co-nurses see me like this. They had no idea I was already pregnant since May of this year and now that I've started to wear maternity clothes they're like, "How's the mom-to-be?!" And it's so touching whenever I feel even the slightest sincere notion that people are really happy for me.

I never thought being pregnant would be such a wonderful, unforgettable roller coaster ride. I'm so excited to grow a bigger bump and find out if it's a boy or a girl. 2 or 3 months from now we can finally know!

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