Saturday, May 2, 2009

Respect the Cap

Today I had the most toxic morning shift in my entire nursing career to date. Two nurse trainees, one NA, and two nurse staff are no match for more than 20 demanding patients and their relatives who each feel like they're royalty who need to be attended. Being a nurse requires a lot of patience, skills, and paperwork and attending to every single thing that they ask from us is not so easy. If it's not written, it isn't done. The paperwork is just as important as the care we render to the patients. I was nice to everybody today in contrary to what I wrote last night. I want to be the best nurse that I could everytime I come to work. I don't want to be like the old lady nurses who scare off children and act like they own the place. But please, nurses are only people and we're not the only people in the hospital who handle things; we're not genies to do as you say at once.

And did I mention this happened in a charity ward?

Note to the wise: the next time you try to tick off a nurse like me, fuck the hell off and just leave us alone to work in peace. We nurses attend to different needs as soon as we can however absurd and unnecessary. We're not stupid. We understand that you're in a hospital because something's wrong with you or your confined relative, but the nurses and the rest of the hospital staff have a lot of priorites to set and we do each task in the most convenient order possible taking into consideration the effeciency of our job and our patients' welfare.

We're not the alalay of doctors; we are partners in healthcare. We are not anybody's butlers, we are not waiters. We are licensed professionals. And you know what, we are not maids. We know what we're doing so fuck the hell off and let us do our job!

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