Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect

I have a few things to say.

I have the things that I want and need. I have a figure some of you will never have in a million years, may that be good or bad. I have foresight. I have a family that has their feet on the ground. I have God.

I have allergies. I have little patience. I have migraines. I have sleeping pattern disturbances. I have a slightly curved spinal column. I have health issues.

I have a pretty bedroom. I have an attitude that sometimes leans to that of a guy's. I have a dream of working in an office. I have a career as a nurse. Hence, I have conflicts.

I can make no sense out of fat braggarts who think little of what more there is to life.

Being me is harder than any of you could ever imagine but each day amounts to having a happy heart because of Jai. He makes my life the perfectly imperfect circle that it is. Some people shouldn't think that their lives are any better because they shower themselves with material possessions that cast a shadow on the more important things like love, friendship, and most importantly, humility.

I have him -- I have no intentions of asking for anything more.

I am approaching hurdles fast.
I have to tie my laces tight and run the fast mile,
jump the long mile.

The inevitable storm is coming.

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