Saturday, May 23, 2009


The 24th is near, 24th is here.

Yes, Jai and I are 1 year old! May 24, 2008 paved the way for a relationship that was surrounded by difficulty but was meant to last. I never thought I would fall in love so quickly, so deep. But I did. Now it's a year later and Jai and I are still together. We beat all odds of losing one another in those times when things were too complicated for everybody else to understand and we were confined in our secret happy life. We have always been blissfully in love but because of the difficult situation that we had, we could only go public recently. If we only had our way from the very beginning, you would have seen lots more of the love me and Jai share.

Our relationship is flawed just like everybody else's but we're holding on for forever. There's lots more to happen ahead of us and we plan to greet all life's opportunities together.

This nurse will forever be enveloped in the writer's love.

Just waiting for the clock to strike 12. :)

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