Thursday, February 26, 2009

sand and waves.

I'm really excited about sunday. My mom promised that we'll be going to the beach to celebrate my being RN. The other day when I was strolling in the mall, I caught a glimpse of the displays in Toy Kingdom: all shapes, sizes and colors of swimming pool toys and it brought me nostalagia. There's just something different about it when summer's fast approaching. The longer days, hotter sun, and colorful store displays. I've always enjoyed swimming outing trips with my family. I've always loved the beach! My cousins and I used to have this set of sand castle construction tools made of hard plastic and in all sorts of colors, and I remember reaching for the best tool in the sack so nobody gets it before i do--the yellow shovel. I remember the burning sensation that my feet get the first time I step on the sand barefoot. I remember burying family members in the sand until only their heads are poking out and putting 'sand boobs' on their chests. And who would forget the smell of salt water and barbecue? Wonderful.

This reminds me... I don't have a bathing suit for Sunday!

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