Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After only a day of owning my new Aspire 2930, I made the very intelligent decision to install something that wasn't compatible with Windows Vista. I had a panic attack today because Glam crashed and it was all my fault. I tried to seek some help over the phone but it was too complicated to understand under pressure, so I followed the advice of going back to TCA and make them re-install Vista. Not to mention I was crying my heart out and my face was puffy from all the crying.  But I had no choice. Forget about looking ragged in public--my mom shouldn't find out about it. So, I put myself together, retouched my makeup up, tried to act calm and pretended I didn't have a serious panic attack. When I got to TCA, the TCA guy almost rejected my plea for him to reinstall Vista but fortunately he was considerate and accomodating and he repaired Glam for free. Well.. actually I gave him 200 pesos for the trouble and of course he accepted, but what's 200 pesos compared to 1,200 pesos?! He said I was lucky that their manager wasn't around today because if she were, I'd have to pay for his service, which when put in my own words would only mean that I need to borrow more money from my mom which is so not cool, considering I have other debts to worry about. I was so relieved that I wasn't charged 1,2k because the wrath of my mom could have been so much worse than it already is.

I am not installing anything from a CD ever again. Traumatiziiiiing.

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