Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upskilled and Over the Moon

Busy busy busy me!

My work has been great. My manager has been most supportive and has given me two opportunities to help make my career plans happen. I am constantly working with him, my other boss, my colleague in the same level, and my junior colleagues, and I'm happy to say that even my boss's bosses have acknowledged me for what I have achieved so far. I have been upskilled twice in less than a year and I am motivated to keep this momentum going.

Also, I have finally been regularized and I am not putting the perks to waste. My emergency leaves are paid, I get to spend more time with my loved ones, my health is covered, etc. I'm still waiting for some things to happen but as of now I can definitely say I made the right choice to be with this world-renowned company.

Last week, there were free cupcakes with our company's values as toppers. And with what I've gained so far, I felt like this value suited me best. ;)

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