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Revlon Photoready Foundation : The Most Honest Review Ever

So our company's year end party just happened and believe it or not, it took me a few weeks of relentless research (aka google-ing) to find the most affordable but quality make-up I can use/wear for a night of partying.

I ended up with this look...

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It took my 4 hours to prepare for this party but please don't judge me. If you like this look, then read on. Ladies, this is not a blog that talks about overrated signature makeup brands. I'm here to create an honest and realistic review about makeup that I used and most of them you can buy almost anywhere. Besides, working moms like myself don't go out that much so why spend a ton of money on stuff you won't even wear everyday?

Now I want to give you a quick review about each product except for the white eyeliner pencil which brand faded out, but I will mainly focus on the Revlon foundation last. Here's the rundown of my make up that night:


- Ever Bilena pink flame - Here in the Philippines, EB is considered as one of the more low-end cosmetic brands but honestly this lipstick is its bestseller. The Pink Flame and Off Beat Pink shades are dandy. Why did I use this that night? Because of its staying power. I applied it under my glossy lipstick (stated below) to make the color a little pinker and to help make it last a whole lot longer. Con - Could make your lips a bit dry if applied alone.

- Mac in creme cup - This lipstick is a little to expensive for a mom like me but it is definitely worth the money. It is glossy and creamy but its staying power is amazing. Its light shade is perfect for my dark smokey eyes. Con - Like I said, it is a tad pricey and not always available at your nearest mall.

Blush and Bronzer - Eyes.Lips.Face (ELF) shade: St. Lucia - I have been looking everywhere for a blush/bronzer compact and this is the only one I came across at the local mall. If you like a dewy look, this is the perfect blush, plus the shade of the bronzer is so natural is applied lightly and just at the right hallows of your face (like at the sides of your cheekbones). It gave my face just the right definition without being too overpowering. Con - Not too many shades available. And if you don't like shimmer on your face, there is an ELF blush/bronzer in cream form you can try at the same price. Also, it does not come with a brush. Why! I had to buy a separate ELF angled blush brush to use this product. I also applied the bronze color to contour my nose using my blending brush.

Eyes.Lips.Face concealer stick, shade: Light Beige -Honestly I did not know that I chose a lighter shade than the usual Apricot Beige that I use because there is little difference. Light Beige is lighter but it still blends easily on the skin. I like to apply this under my eyes and it's very effective in getting rid of dark circles in acne scars. Con - staying power depends on your skin type. Mine is oily/combination so it creases and fades after a few hours.

Maybelline eyeliner gel - If I were to rate this product it would be 10/10! The brush size is just right and the bristles don't fall off. It glides on your eyes smoothly and shaping a cat-eye has never been easier. The gel doesn't harden in the glass container even if left opened for several minutes but when you apply it on your eyes, it sets fairly quickly! The black shade is bold and can make anyone's eyes stand out. Con - The only thing that's missing is a container for the brush.

Maybelline Falsies mascara - I've been using this for so many years now. I coated my false lashes and my natural lashes with this to better blend them together.

Eyes.Lips.Face cream eyeshadow grey black duo - Chose this one because I knew they would blend easily to create an easy but sultry smokey eye that looks airbrushed. And yes, it ended up looking like that! I did not need an applicator to apply it on my eyes (never estimate the ring fingertip!) but I did use an ELF blending brush to get rid of creases. I used my concealer under this one as a primer.

Maybelline powder foundation in nude beige - I used this in a very small amount and very lightly that night to get rid of oily patches during the party (it has high SPF and can make my face super ghastly white) but I also used a teeny weeny amount to set my eyeshadow (to prevent from creasing). This is actually my everyday go-t- powder and the coverage is just like a foundation's - meaning it's ready good. Con - Your face could look a bit dry if not moisturized.

Mac rapidblack eyeliner pen - This is a pointy, easy to use, eyeliner pen. Remember those color pens back in grade school? Kind of like that but pointier and it's made for the eyes. This is great when shaping the outline of your cat-eye effect. It's also very black but not advisable to glide over cream eyeshadow.

Nichido black-brown eyeliner pencil - Another cheap but good find! I've been using this brand as an eyeliner for years. It's creamy and applies on your eyes/eyebrows easily. Con - I wish they had a black-gray shade for a more natural looking brow.

White eyeliner -  the brand faded out so I have no idea what brand it is. But the general idea is, putting a white eyeliner on your waterline can really make your eyes look more lively and bigger.

False lashes - Nichido natural + Nichido lash adhesive - These are products I'm very pleased about. Before I bought them I couldn't find a single review on Nichido lashes. So, I made the jump and  bought them separately because unfortunately there glue doesn't come with them. But these products stay true to their promise. I cut them to match the width of my lids, spread the glue on their edges, stuck them on my eyes for a few seconds and I was set. All night I didn't feel like I was wearing fake lashes and they did not peel or fall off!

And now for the base...

Revlon Photoready Foundation - I'm going to try and make it as simple and as honest as I can. This foundation has been forever compared to Revlon Colorstay but I chose this one because:

under white light, no flash

- They say that it doesn't come in a lot of shades but come on. Are you that choosy? The saleslady was able to find the right shade for me in 4 tests. There's a variety of shades and it's not just limited to three, people. I look okay in Shell. (She says I'm a Buff for Colorstay).
- Staying power is great. I can work for 7-8 hours without a single touch-up.
- Coverage is light to medium.
- Packaging is sanitary and neat. It has a plastic pump and a glass bottle! Compared to Colorstay that just just has a big round opening. With Photoready you can easily control how much product you want to squeeze out of the bottle.
- No chemical/paint smell, unlike Colorstay.
- Thinner in consistency which is perfect for everyday wear and can be easily applied even with your fingers.
- The dewy finish on my face gives off a healthy look.

Now because there are always two sides to every story...

top left photo is the only one without flash

- Coverage is buildable as mentioned above but if you need full coverage there is a possibility for it to look unnatural. To better cover acne scars, use a good concealer stick under medium Photoready foundation coverage.
- Glitters. It is full of glitters. During daytime it is barely noticeable but one of my major regrets about this foundation is it is NOT for night wear. I repeat, DO NOT WEAR THIS IF YOU'RE GOING OUT AT NIGHT AND YOU WILL BE TAKING PICTURES OF YOURSELF. I have proven this to be true. Surely it depends on the amount of light, your skin tone, and the environment itself but trust me - the glitters bounce back the flash of the camera creating a white cast on your face. I am fair-skinned which might have also contributed to this effect but just to be sure, choose another foundation for night wear. No other review has mentioned this one important detail so if you're looking for a foundation for a night out with the girls, better stick to Revlon Colorstay which is more matte.

You might say it doesn't look so bad but the thing is, it could have looked more natural. Now if you would ask if I would buy this product again - honestly, YES, but only for daytime wear. Remember to use matte foundation without or low SPF for nighttime.

I hope this review was useful for you and I'm looking forward to reading more reviews about these products.

Thanks for reading!

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