Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day of School

I  know I don't write that often anymore, but I just cannot let this pass-- Iaine had her first day of school today!

So to summarize..
Mon-Thurs uniforms and core values
She arrived early and instantly became friends with a classmate. She immediately said byebye to me and her dad, and I take it that she was happy to be there. Jai and I stayed for a while and watched her play, explore her room and speak with her teachers. She participated in the prayer and the body exercises (jumping jacks were her fave!) She stayed well-behaved even though some of her classmates had tantrums. Then class started and the security guard escorted us away, which I completely understood as teaching the children independence. To my disbelief, it was me who had separation anxiety and not my daughter LOL. It was like a hard blow in the head, making me realize that she's really not a baby anymore.. 
her collection of school bags accumulated over time
Few hours zoom past, class ended and it was time to go home. Iaine briefly mentioned that she cried a little because she missed "Momma and Poppa." This is only normal and I am so happy that she was SO brave to face her first day of school on her own. She left the school grounds in a messy uniform, had stories to tell and songs to sing.
Barbie for my baby
Her montessori isn't too far from home and I like the environment. It's not in the hustling-bustling area of the city but it's near the biggest mall in town, the poshest hotel, and one of the biggest private hospitals in the city. It's not polluted and is really easily accessible from home.

Her school itself is also pretty neat. It's a private English-speaking school and the student population isn't as  dense as the others. Sunhill wasn't our first choice and we plan to enroll her in a different school next year, but so far, I like what I'm seeing. :)

I couldn't say it enough-- I'm so proud of my daughter for getting through her first day. I wish I could be the one to take her to school and take her home everyday, but that's one of the sacrifices a working mom has to make. Tuition isn't cheap, fellas! But I really did cherish this experience and I will cherish it forever.

After all, this is only the first day of school, of all the school years to come, in all of my daughter's lifetime...

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