Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Back!

I totally owe it to my daughter that I update this blog. I started this because of her and now I can hardly update it. Sorry, babe! You may not remember, but so much has been going on lately and I'm sure you'd understand.

So. I'm actually typing this using a desktop computer. Something's wrong with my laptop and I haven't taken it to a repair center yet. Anyway, of all places, my laptop just had to give up on me while we were in the hospital.
We, pertaining to my husband and I. Due to inevitable circumstances Jai was hospitalized on May 18th and was diagnosed with Urticaria, Hiatal Hernia, Esophagitis, and Gastritis. He's been having heartburn for a long time but we have always dismissed it because before it was always relieved by burping. But recently his attacks were too much to bear (it was affecting his work) so I knew I had to get him to a hospital.. and it was a good decision. What we initially thought were a simple allergy and heartburn turned out to be big stuff after all and and should be taken very seriously. Iaine was left in the capable hands of my in-laws while I (and other nurses) nursed Jai to health. He's okay now although he's still on meds to cure Esoph. and Gast.

He was discharged on Saturday and that night I was the one who fell ill. My sinuses were acting up again but on Monday we still made it to MOA/SMX for Maroon 5's concert. He got us tickets weeks in advance and I tell you, he wasn't gonna let anything keep us from seeing that band. I was looking forward to it too, but more because that was a day for us to actually DATE. Movie dates and dinner dates are fine, but this was a special day. He set up a day for us to be together, just the two of us, act like teenagers, love-struck lovers, and just enjoy each others' company. I admire him for giving intimacy a huge importance in our relationship. Being "great parents" is good but being "great parents and a great couple" is way better!
I had fun at the concert even though I wasn't familiar with some of the songs. But I really like the band and I was there to have fun with Jai so I did. And that's all that matters.
We got home on Tuesday around 3:30 in the morning and immediately I felt worse than ever. I also developed a cough which was just great. I didn't stay home though because I had to get Jai a medical certificate so sure enough when I got home I felt like wanting to be hospitalized myself. I got worse and I was sick for days. I still have a cough now but I'm better.
May 27th was Iaine's day! I took her to the Dora/Boots Meet & Greet at SM Batangas and had to buy merchandises worth a total of 700php just to get in the VIP area. She's only a year and 3 months old so she wasn't allowed to play the games on stage but I could tell she really enjoyed the event, cos by the time it was our turn to take a photo with Dora and Boots I realized she was already asleep on my shoulder. Too much running ang playing wore her out. I was carrying her and no earthquake could have woken her up. But that was alright, she saw the mascots dance the Dora theme song before she drifted off to sleep. We went home with Dora stuff, digital photos, and smiles on our faces.
And we're down to the last stop of this short trip on Recent Memory Lane. We have Jai's paternal grandfather and Jai's step-grandmother's 25th anniversary. It was held in Fernbrook Gardens (one of the most glamorous function halls in the South of Luzon) on May 28th. I was dressed in a deep red gown, Jai in a black/white/gray number, and Iaine in a royal blue/silver dress. It was a glamorous and fun night to remember (I'm a flaming shot virgin no more! LOL)
Everybody got home exhausted, but on May 29th Jai and I went on a movie date/grocery shopping at the mall. Kung Fu Panda 2 was awesome!

Life is an adventure. Just keep the happy memories coming! :)

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