Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

My second mothers day was simple, and to me that was enough. Can you imagine the mothers in jail? Mothers who have missing children? Mothers who have lost their own mothers? Mothers who couldn't reach out to their own kids because of some kind of rebellion? Mothers who don't have a home? Mothers who have lost their kids for any reason? What about women who want to be mothers but can't have children?

I'm sorry if anyone reading this has experienced any of those, but I just want to make a point across--my mothers day, even though spent in the comfort of our home and my grandmothers' house, was spent in the loving presence of my beautiful happy family and that's more than enough. I have an awesome husband who was home and we have the most precious and important piece to complete the puzzle, our adorable daughter. We were together on mothers day and I'm very thankful.

I didn't receive any flowers, cards, although the greetings have out poured since I woke up that morning, so it's totally fine. You can't summarize motherhood in a day. Motherhood is 24/7, 365 days a year until the last breath. Celebrating it for a day is good, but mothers need so much more than that, really.

To me, reciprocated love, appreciation, and the occasional vacation is what mothers need to keep on. Mothers should be selfless but we are also people. I myself am not a superhero, and although it would be awesome that my daughter looks up to me like that, that isn't what I really am. We have weaknesses too, and none of us are better than the other. We all have our secrets.

Iaine is only 15 months old and I have more to learn about motherhood, but right now I'm on a good steady pace. Sometimes she can be quite a handful and raising her gets tougher as she grows older but that's what I'm here for. Yes, I can delegate chores to someone else or let them babysit, but I can't rely on anybody else to be there for her as a real mother.

Motherhood isn't something you think about and want to happen in a snap like deciding whether or not you should get a puppy. Whoever said that getting a puppy is just like raising a child is a moron, by the way. Dogs aren't people, babies aren't dogs. I'm not saying that giving dogs attention like what you'd give a child is bad, but the truth remains, you can't substitute one for the other. Motherhood means dealing with emotions, chores, marriage (if you prefer), your period, pregnancy, the house, budget, in-laws, family ties, family affairs, miscellaneous errands, and a thousand more motherly duties. Dads can also do all those things but truth be told, society has always expected mothers to take care of that stuff in general. It's unfair for some, but to tell you the truth, husbands and dads should consider themselves so damn lucky!

Bottomline is, mothers need more than a day to be appreciated. So dads and kids, work your butts off to show your wife or your mom the best kind of love there is.

Happy Mothers Day

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