Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Weekend

April 30th and May 1st were spent in bliss!
Jai, Iaine and I took a trip to Laiya [Batangas] with my side of the family for an overnight outing and everything went better than I expected. It wasn't supposed to be a long drive but because we were all excited to get there the trip felt like forever!
The weather was beautiful. The sun was high up and the sand was chalky to fine, and the environment was laid back. There were all kinds of people; people who came there for the same purpose--to have a good time and enjoy summer. It was hot and the wind was barely there, but to me it was perfect. Normally I would complain about how hot is is because it was the same weather in the city but being in a different environment changed the feel of it entirely.
We were all so excited to be there. Upon arriving, we just dropped off our bags in the rented rooms and proceeded to the beach. My husband and I are thrilled about this because it's been a long time since our last outing and what more is that it was Iaine's first time to actually be at a beach.
The water was warm and the seashells were uncomfortable to step on, but it was so nice to immerse my feet in the sea. The crisp splashes of the water were soothing and reassuring. This is a vacation. Have the time of your life (dirty bit)!
Our pack was more than 10 people so we rented 3 bedrooms for sleeping/bathing, a cabana for cooking/dining, and a videoke machine because what's a family occasion without one, right? It's a Pinoy thing.
My daughter was such a dearie for being in a good mood the entire time and it was adorable to see her explore the simplest of things there. She enjoyed watching small waves crash and exploring how the sand felt under her feet and between her pretty toes.
Wearing our rash guards, the 3 of us hit the water. Iaine wore her new life vest too. So fun!

Buying some hot and sweet taho! Taho is a Philippine delicacy made of fresh soft/silken Tofu, Arnibal (brown sugar syrup), and Sago "pearls" (which are similar to Tapioca pearls). Yom!

At sundown my cousins and I decided to get some henna tattoos. At first I wasn't sure I wanted one because I had one before and I know how it looks like plain dirt on the skin in a faded state, but I got one anyway. Well actually, two sets.
This is my lower back and a heart tattoo with some extended tribal design. I wanted something simple but definitely noticeable.
And these two stars represent the most important people in my life--Jai and Iaine. This design was a freebie I asked from the artist.
Power rangers!

That night was vodka night and I think I downed most of it LOL. Maybe that's why I had so much fun dancing to California Girls and the like. Under the influence, I couldn't care less there were strangers around us LMAO
There was a lot of dancing, storytelling, and lovelife discussion among me, Jai, my sis, and our cousins. It was the first time Jai and I opened up about our past and gave them a short but beautiful gist of our unique love story.

But I wasn't too drunk for the highlight of my night. My sweet husband and I reminisced our old beach outings together, our beautiful secret adventures like that first one when we had an entire shoreline all to ourselves (more of that in his blog). We also lied down on the sand, gazed into outer space, talked about extraterrestrial life, defying gravity, our future, and how nice it is to be at the beach. At the beach you can be anybody. Nobody cares about who you are, what you wear, and where you came from. Everybody's in conscious hibernation from all the stresses and hassles of the city.

Jai and I had a good conversation. He makes the best arguments, shares the best trivia, and never fails to engage me into the moment. He is truly a brilliant man who makes a simple stargazing experience so much more and so worthwhile.

Moving on to funny bits, I almost died laughing watching my cousins wash off their henna tattoos. Those things are tricky, I tell you. One wrong move and it's all over your bathing suit permanently!

Finally, we retreated to our bedroom. Iaine finally dozed off so Jai and I had some time to watch House episodes on his PSP. And when that was over, my sister and my cuousins did more wacky stuff in there--like dancing under a flashlight. Silly girls.

The next morning I woke up to Iaine and my husband still fast asleep beside me. My cousins have left the room and I assumed they were already at the beach. The air conditioner was on Antartica mode so I couldn't wait to get out of there and join them.

Not long after I woke up, my lovelies did too, and we all changed into our beach outfits. Then, we were out of there!

Because it was morning the sun was hotter than the previous day but even so, more people flocked the beach. They were everywhere. Hat vendors, tattoo artists, kids, seniors, teens, moms and dads, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
After everyone else in the family was done swimming, Jai invited me to take one last dip. I turned him down and said it was too hot but I caved in anyway. He's just too charming.

We changed into our rash guards and went back to the beach. One of the best decisions of my life.

The water went from lukewarm to cold and I was just standing there shivering while Jai was swimming around me. He told me to stop whining and just swim. Being the stubborn brat that I was, he intentionally splashed me until I was soaked entirely. As a result, he left me no choice but to even out the wetness so I dove in at last. Then I didn't feel cold anymore. LOL

We were only in the water for about fifteen minutes but that was one of the best fifteen minutes of my life. We were like kids again, didn't give a single fvck about how the sun was burning our skin like pancakes on a stove. It was like our first beach outing. The world was ours, we were in a moment, our universe, our games, our rules. When Jai and I are alone together it's so easy to see that we're definitely made for each other. All the mysteries of the world are solved.

It took a while before we could pack up and leave. We left the resort at around 12:30 in the afternoon. The very accomodating resort owner/manager bid us goodbye and thanks. We did the same.
I was so exhausted from swimming, singing, running upstairs to our room and back to the resort, chasing after Iaine and other stuff, so I had short intermittent naps on our way home. I really wanted to stay awake to keep Jai from falling asleep (sleepy drivers are never a good thing) but I couldn't help drifting off to sleep even with my contact lenses on.

We got home safely but Jai admitted he was so sleepy the entire time too and that his eyes closed at some point. His eyes closed. On the freeway. I was like WAT

But all is well, thank God!

Jai took and nap that afternoon but I was too busy getting ready to go out again. Next on our itinerary was Thor in 3D!

We left Iaine in the care of my ILs and her nanny so we were sure she'd be alright. We drove to the nearest mall, got there at 5:30pm and decided to see the last full show scheduled at 7pm. We had an hour and a half to spare--and what better way to kill time than to eat and play some arcade games?! Shopping was out of the question LOL.

At 6:45 we were back at the theater but had to wait 5 minutes before the theater people could let us in. When they finally told us we could, Jai handed over the tickets, we received our 3D glasses, and walked in.

Okay guys, time for some analogy:

[Jai excited to see this movie] is to?
a. a little boy excited to open his present from Santa
b. a beauty queen anticipating to be announced as the winner
c. that feeling you get when you really have to go number 1
d. Obama just found out Bin Laden has been killed

We finished the movie and it was awesome. Didn't grow up with the character but it got me very interested to know more about Thor and the rest of the Marvel comic universe.

We stepped out of the theater, bought some meds, and finally headed home.

The weekend was incredible. I wish weekends are always like that. All fun, love, laughter, and Chris Hemsworth. Haha kidding.

Looking forward to the next outing and the next superhero movie. Live and love!

While I was typing, Iaine was animatedly telling me a story. The cuteness is just superlative!!!

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