Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I was supposed to start a post about a totally different topic, but as soon as my Blogger dashboard loaded I immediately saw a new post from one of the other mommy bloggers I've been following since 7 years ago. It's again another rant about how fed up she is with her kids and other negative shit. And sadly it's made me realize how she heavily influenced my posts way back during my first pregnancy. She's always talking about how shitty her pregnancy is and all the other disadvantages that she could think of. I'm not sure if this is her gimmick, if she does this to separate her 'brand' from all other mommy blogs, or just to come up with controversial material for her book... But if you're a new mom, if you're expecting, my two cents is steer away from these types of material. Pregnancy and motherhood is hard but to me, growing your child and raising your child shouldn't be put in such a bad light. You created them. No sense is taking whatever your frustrations are on them. I'm not saying that mommy blogs should just sugarcoat inconveniences but making it a habit and spreading the bad vibes just isn't right.

If you're pregnant right now, please don't let the aches and pains, whatever negative emotion you may have, make you not enjoy the fact that you're growing your child inside of you. If you're a new mom who's looking for advice, there's no book on perfect parenting so making mistakes is something to be expected, no matter how hard we try to do everything right. If you're already a second-time mom or have been a mom for many years already, your honesty and support for other moms would be a huge deal. Keep spreading words of encouragement, and moms, please pay it forward. We all have our struggles and sometimes we just need to hear that it's going to be okay.

Sending positive vibes your way, Mommy. It's not easy, but it's going to be okay.
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