Monday, July 25, 2016

Chronicling a Crazy Sick Week

Currently my kids and I are unwell. Basically I'm writing this all down for the purpose of note-taking, and because I need somewhere to vent that it's been a crazy craaaaazy 3 months+ and the past few weeks have definitely been the most challenging.

July 15 - Iaine was taken to her pedia for a checkup due a cold and cough that was already 1 week+. Meds prescribed. No blood tests done.
July 19 - Iajin was taken to the hospital to have CBC done. Low hemoglobin level determined.
July 21 - Iaine still had a cough. No colds for days now. I also started to cough.
July 22 - Iaine's colds have returned.
July 23 - Iajin was taken to SPHMC for blood transfusion. My cough is definitely worse.
July 24 - Iajin was discharged from the hospital less than 24 hours after admission. BT happened at around 12 midnight. Felt he was feverish at night, it was. 37.7C. Iaine's cough is back to its bad state and colds have definitely returned. I got a full-blown cough now with phlegm.
July 25 - 3am. I awoke to a feverish Iajin with a temperature of 38.1. Iaine is currently at the doctor's clinic for a follow-up check-up because of persistent cough and colds. As of 12 noon, Iajin's fever has disappeared and temp is down to 36.3. Also, I don't have a voice and Iajin has started to cough...

These are trying times and I'm praying for our fast recovery. Uggggghhhh.
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