Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honest review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 020 Lovesick

I have been looking everywhere for a decent lip tint as I am always going for the natural look. But when I came across this product I was intrigued by it. Lipstick, lip stain, and lip balm into one?
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I have been a fan of Revlon since I started using my Photoready foundation and I am actually keen to try Colorstay next. But before I do that I decided to buy one of these chunky lippies at 550+ Php at a PCX outlet. The shade is in 020 Lovesick.

APPLICATION: Let me just say that I have extremely dry, chappy, and pale lips so I do love me some lippies and they have to be something I can rely on. The first time this product touched my lips it just glided like smooth butter. Not that waxy to me but more like buttery. My lips feel plump, healthy, and moist. I also tested JBK Balm Stain in Matte Colors but those tugged on my lips and I could immediately see how my lips flaked. JBK (regular) Balm Stain does wonders. It can feel a bit oily for some but it really depends on how much product you apply.

STAYING POWER: Like I said, the staying power depends on how much you put on. For a single light glide (natural look) it can be from 1-2 hours but if you want a full pop of color it can stay up until 6 hours even after eating/drinking.

HYDRATION: I don't know what they put in this thing but I never need a separate lip balm when I use this. My lips don't feel oily when I apply it lightly and my lips look and feel plump, moist, and healthy without glitters.

PACKAGING: Fun and classy. It’s sleek and comes in a form of a giant crayon. Something tells me that this product is targeted to the younger generation.
SCENT AND TASTE: It has a minty scent that’s pretty strong on every first glide but it goes away immediately. It also feels a little cool on the lips. Tastes like nothing which is perfect.

SHADE: 020 Lovesick. There are other more shades to choose from but I think JBK Matte has a wider range. The other thing I love about this product is that you can adjust how bright you want it to look. I prefer to put it on using light swipes for a natural everyday look and sometimes darker when I’m in the mood. Sweetheart is also another popular shade but when I tested it, it looked too Nicki-Minaj-y for me and I think that one looks better on pale skin.

Pics below are taken under indoor lighting, no flash. Tried editing the saturation of these photos to make them look closer to how it really looks in person.

Natural lips - how it looks like when it's faded. As you can see it still is tinged pink a little bit, hence the term lip stain. See the dark lines on my lips? Notice how JBK lip balm stain blends quite well even with this imperfection by the 3rd photo.
 1 swipe. Looks natural and has just enough gloss.

2-3 swipes. Doesn't make much of a difference in these pics but it looks a bit brighter in person. As you can see it still isn't 100% opaque cos it really isn't a lipstick but a balm stain.

Will I repurchase? I give it a rating of 4/5 so YES! But I'll probably in a different shade, maybe something lighter. Hope my review helped and feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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