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An Extremely Demographic-Targeted Comparison: Revlon Photoready vs Colorstay Foundations

I used up my bottle of Revlon Photoready in 003 Shell so I’ve been reading countless reviews to find worthy successor. But first let me give you a quick review of Photoready in my personal experience. Please remember that these comments only apply to Combination/Oily type facial skin with yellow undertone in hot/humid weather:

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- Gives off a dewy finish
- Light to medium coverage
- Doesn’t cake when you apply too much
- No chemical smell
- Oil-free
- Looks good in photos without flash
- Hygienic packaging – the bottle has a pump
- Can be applied easily using a brush or fingertips

- Glitters!
- Doesn’t last for hours and hours
- Uneven coverage after sweating
- Feels greasy at times
- Concealer still needed
- Gives off a white cast in night photography with flash
- Made my skin break out at times
- A bit expensive at 900+ Php

Photoready is still one of the best foundations out there but bottom line is to not use it with flash photography, it’s not advisable for combination/oily skin, and it’s only good in a cold environment. That being said, I decided not to purchase another bottle but it’s still a decent foundation.

Now onto business. I’ve heard about Covergirl Outlast (3 in 1), MaxFactor 3-in-1, and the ever so popular Revlon Colorstay which is treated as the matte version of Photoready. I’m not sure how much truth there is when they say that they have the same formula but I don’t think so.

What I heard about the first 2: they say Covergirl gives a good finish and coverage but you still need a primer and it oxidizes bad. They say almost the same thing for MaxFactor’s but doesn’t last as long as CG’s Outlast. For Revlon Colorstay however, it has been rated 4++ out of 5 stars in MakeupAlley and everywhere else says the same thing – this is their HG (holy grail) product.

So after internally debating with myself I decided to buy one from a local Watsons in Natural Beige. Why? Because of how the bottle looked against my skin and because I didn’t swatch it. How stupid was that? Sure enough, I wanted to throw it away after minutes of testing it at home and onto my face. My face turned a light baby pink! For someone who is of Asian descent with yellow undertones, the shade was all sorts of wrong.

I remember when I first bought my Photoready, the saleslady told me I was Buff in Colorstay. But I didn’t believe her even after swatching cos the bottle looked to fair compared to my skin. Don’t make the same mistake, ladies! Never rely on how it looks on the packaging. You have to try it out first.

Again, please remember that these comments only apply to Combination/Oily type facial skin with yellow undertone in hot/humid weather:

So I decided to splurge once more and grab me a bottle of Colorstay in 150 Buff. But just to make sure (cos I learned my lesson) I didn’t grab it from the shelf and run to the cashier immediately. PRO TIP: I swatched small amounts of Natural Beige and Buff side by side onto the back of my hand and ran some errands while still in the mall. This gave me enough time to let the foundations sink in and oxidize to their true shade.

This was an absolutely successful test. Buff did oxidize but nicely blended onto my skin and the amount that seeped into my grooves were then barely noticeable. Natural beige however turned into a deeper light pink (if that makes sense) and was totally obvious on my hand. It was like a light pink birthmark and was very off-putting. I went home happy and content with a newly purchased bottle of 150 Buff. (Again, remember that this comes from the experience of someone who has a yellow undertone).

As for the PROS and CONS of Colorstay foundation:

- Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin
- Sinks and blends well; still feels like bare skin after a few minutes
- A wide range of shades but availability depends on each store
- No glitters!
- No allergic reaction or breakouts so far
- More affordable than Revlon Photoready (by around 100 Php)
- Classy and tight packaging
- Wide range of shades to choose from
- A good medium to full coverage
- Doesn’t cake or becomes uneven during touch ups, looks the same when reapplied

- Unhygienic packaging – no pump, just an open mouth glass bottle with a plastic twist cap
- Thick consistency doesn’t help with pouring the product out of the pumpless bottle
- Although it does last a long time (around 6-12 hours), it’s not 24 hours like they promised and you’ll need to retouch
- Disappointed that my facial oils kinda messed up the coverage after sweating
- Still needs concealer to cover dark acne scars
- Still need to blot when sweating
- Leaves a white cast in flash photography

How it looked 10 hours after application (no primer but with concealer on acne scars):

Eeeek! (L) Ghostly white cast on face as I mentioned. I think I put too much on my face but just enough on my neck. But as you can see, 10 hours in and the foundation still sat on my skin like the first time I applied it. (R) With natural/indoor lighting it also made my skin look dewy but flawless.

That’s all I can think of for now really. And as you can see, the Pros outweigh the Cons unlike what I wrote about Photoready. Revlon Colorstay foundation is now my staple foundation and now I never wanna leave the house without this on.

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