Saturday, November 3, 2012

Working Mom

Where do I begin?
As of the moment, my daughter is 3 days shy of being 2 years and 9 months old. Now I can really see how fast she's growing up 'cause I only get to see her on weekends. All the new things she's learned every time I come home to her--- amazing!...

 For one, you wouldn't believe she's younger than 3 years old because she's knows so much. I'm so blessed to have such a smart little girl. Her mind is a super absorbent sponge that takes in all the information around her, taught or not. She's talks to you like a 5 year old. She can communicate so well, even too well for her age. She sings so amazingly too. Right note, right lyrics. She knows a lot of songs, even commercial jingles, and we just get surprised 'cause we don't even know that she knows how to sing these songs. She likes to dance a lot too.

Speaking of fast-paced, that's how my life feels right now. A few months ago I started working for an Australian firm. I challenged myself into trying a career that's a bit far from what I learned in college, BUT this one actually has enough compensation. Raising a child is not cheap, and now that her 3rd birthday is just a few months away, this job is just what I need. I really hope to I get an extension! I love the people I work with. I love the environment, the location, the hours, the schedule, the benefits, and the possible opportunities. I do feel more comfortable in this setting.

My parents have told me many times, "good luck with your chosen career" and I know what they mean. They want the best for me, and the amount of support I've been getting from them is unbelievable. From moving into a new home, making sure that my daughter is taken care of while I'm away, and so many other things. Like when I told them we'll be getting our own place somewhere, my dad bought us a new fridge-- no questions asked. They are that supportive.
Sometimes I do have some days where I ask myself if it's all worth it. I'm still not used to being away from my daughter 5 days a week, but with hard work and hard earned cash comes sacrifice. Then I realize that my dad has done it for decades and now I look at how we've been raised-- and all is well. Sigh of relief; everything will be okay.

I'm not sure how to end this post with a bang, but all I can say is that being employed again gave me that much needed boost. Being away from my daughter is hard, but seeing that she gets everything she wants and needs is all worth it. She's a happy, smart, fun little girl, and it makes me proud that she's on the right track.
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