Saturday, February 4, 2012

Days Before

Two already? How did that happen!

At this point, Iaine has grown to be a whole lotta everything. She's smart, funny, excitable, adorable, beautiful, loud, playful, shy, cheerful, intense, lovely, and so many other things. All of it makes her 2nd birthday a BIG deal. The party is tomorrow cos her actual birth date falls on a Monday (the day after tomorrow) and I'm relieved and excited cos almost everything is set.

Unlike last year I'm not stressing too much over this year's party cos we're hosting it at a fastfood restaurant. Basically everything's been taken care of and when we get there, all we have to do is set up the center tarpaulin (which I designed), have a great time, and pay off the rest of the balance.

Although, I did have trouble with the pax (per head count) today. I kept going through names and numbers just to make sure we'd have enough food, treats, and favors for everybody tomorrow. Fortunately we're having a party at a fast food restaurant-- they'll never run out of food, and hopefully, supplies too!

Iaine won't remember any of it except maybe if her subconscious permits it (if I'm lucky), but to me this birthday bash is still worth it. I had my doubts about making this party happen for the public but I realized, my Iaine has done nothing but shower us with happiness and made our lives all the better, so her birth deserves to be celebrated with a bang each year for as long as we have the means.

And by the way, this year's party theme is the girliest yet-- it might set the bar higher for her future birthday parties. I'm super excited to take pictures and share them with you!

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  1. ok yung picture ng mga mata a. weheheh. excited na ko! i love you both!