Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8 and Mothers

I've been neglecting my blog recently and I really hate myself for it. Well a lot of things have happened in the past couple of days which explains my absence but I promise to make it up to you (if anybody actually cares).

My Miss Universe turned 3 months old last Thursday! 3 months and a lot of developmental milestones already. My personal favorite is how she can recognize my face. She knows who her mom is, and I'm certain about that. She just doesn't respond the same way to others (except her dad of course who she also knows so well). When I try to make her smile, it's always easy, and there's this sparkle in her eyes that tells me "Hi 'Ma, I know it's you. You don't have to try so hard to make me laugh because I love you! I'm not gonna give you a hard time." It's the best part of my day.

And don't even get me started about her strong legs and arms. Little Cuddler is a macho girl! When she hits me sometimes I'm like, OW. And not to mention her strong hair pulling abilities, literally. I have really long hair and she likes to cling on it sometimes, and it especially hurts when she tangles them. When we hold her under the arms she doesn't just stand there--little diva likes to WALK. And oh, she has also rolled over a couple of times already. Like I've always said, she's a wonderchild. Babies, gotta love 'em!

Today Iaine had her 3rd doctor's appointment with GREAT results. Her pedia was impressed with Little Tigress who weighs a staggering 6 kilos and showed off great motor developmental skills (lifting her head in prone position like a pro). She also had her 2nd dose of Rotavirus vaccine (which costs a whopping 3,100Php) that prevents her from getting loose bowel movement. The pedia also taught me how to deal with people who give old-wives-tales advice of how to take care of an infant, specifically my OWN baby. I've always known how, I just needed a go signal from someone who actually knows what she's saying when it comes to baby business. Whenever someone goes "You can feed her solids already," or "She's developing late" I respond with "I'd have to ask her doctor first." Those kinds of words get on my nerves because my pride as a mother is deeply insulted. It's just like saying they know my kid better than I do and I'm not doing the right thing taking care of her. It's the safest answer I can give without sounding like a bitch. Well I can't just say "You don't know EVERYTHING about my kid! Who died and made you WikiBaby?", right?

But you know, I really couldn't blame them for trying to help (if that is their true intention). Most of the time I'm at wits end because of the summer heat. Oh El Niño, please go away, you craky-nator.

Anyway, I met a TV star today. Sorta. I was asked to sing for a group of people, a mothers' day event actually, and this guy happens to be the older brother of 2010 Election candidate who's running for mayor. They call him Mr. Safeguard, but actually he also stars in Tide and Ariel commercials. He's really nice, he even helped me up and down the stage stairs.

This one's for Tide:

Before I could even stand up to take a picture with him,
he squatted beside me! And he was supposed to smile, but I specifically asked him
to make this face, just like in the commercials. He willingly supported my request.
I can say he's a very down-to-earth person. Told you he was nice!

3 months already?... I've been so busy being a mom and a wife.. The only breaks I get are spent on Facebook, Twitter, and Plants Vs. Zombies. But in the middle of all the haze I've been thinking.. I wanna come back to work. I miss being a nurse. Maybe next week we'll know, and because tomorrow is Mothers' day, I think filing for an application is a wonderful idea. SAHM turned WM. It's what's best for my little Gumdrop's future. Hey, money doesn't grow on tress.

Speaking of Mothers' day, I have no idea how my FIRST EVER mothers' day could be meaningful. I'm not really expecting anything, but I realized that when you're a mom, Mothers' day feels like your birthday and you just want something good to happen. Moms couldn't care any less about material things. Moms just wanna feel special, appreciated, loved.. we wanna feel someone take care of us and just let us take a day off (or at least a few hours) from taking care of everybody else for a change. A silly request, but a simple wish that comes from the heart. People who don't show effort to appreciate moms on Mothers' day are the most worthless people you will ever meet. So go out my friends, and make your moms feel super!

I would probably write another entry about mothers' day, but I'm still ending this one with "HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY, MOMMY!" I love you so much! And thanks for letting me tag along at the grocery tonight (like always) and paying for my items. I really appreciate that. :) And did I mention that I love you? And by the way, I love you. Umm. Yeah, I love you. Really. Love. You.

Sigh. I hope Iaine grows up to love me just the same...

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  1. how wonderful of u dear..tually i didn't feel like u were ab. happy mothers day!! actually i didn't felt ur absence kasi feeling ko lagi ako updated dito :) i love reading ur wifely and mommy blogs mo :).. don't worry paglaki ni iaine maging katulad mo din siya am sure proud sila ni husband mo

  2. aww si ate eve tlg sweet lagi.. :) ako excited na ko na maging mommy ka rin! and then we'll share our mommy adventures together haha.. take care always ate and vote wisely! LOL

  3. hey foxymama! sorry to burst your bubble but this: "he doesn't just stand there--little diva likes to WALK." is actually a baby reflex! i mean it's NOT a special ability your child has because ALL normal kids have that and it should go away by 4th or 5th month or else she wont learn to stand!

    fact: any pressure on the soles of their feet actually makes them flex the knees as in walking (neonatal walking reflex). it should be integrated or else, she wont be able to stand and support her weight because she will keep on flexing it when you stand her upright!:)

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I already know that. I'm a nurse. LOL

    I'm just so happy to see that our baby is doing something adults can and I thought, hey I don't think there's anything bad about saying "my little diva likes to WALK." It's not as if I'm all "Ooooooh she's so advanced! Take a look at my kid! Blah blah hur hur" I'm not like other moms. I know momhood isn't all about the icing on the cake.

    It's sort of the proud mommy instinct in me that's doing the talking. Believe me, it's almost always bursting with pride. My little cherub is an amazing child. Others can just wish. :)

    In fact if you don't believe me, you can search my Facebook wall for a status I once put up and it goes something like this: "putting my baby's step-in-place reflex to good use, training her how to walk," I believe making her "walk" regularly will help her bones and muscles grow stronger, hence, she won't have any trouble actually walking when that time comes. so again, sorry to burst your bubble. :)

    but thanks for pointing that out. it's actually great that i had the chance to add something (something i horrbly forgot, like saying i already knew about reflexes and shit) here in the comments section. this reply to your comment can be like, sort of an explanation to a silly question.

    i wonder why you wanted to be anonymous? next time, try to have the balls, k? :)

  5. hey again..i'm sorry i'm anonymous, because i basically am just lurking as in your chatbox on the side. and i don't have a blog or a webpage to link to. besides, i'm anonymous because you, too, are anonymous to me:) we don't know each other and that was just my two cents on your statement. i'm sorry for correcting you, and by the way, i'm a pediatrician and that's another fact.. i've been lurking through mom/baby blogs and yours was one of those that caught my attention. yes i know i know every mom's word for her kid is just full of pride, i am a mom, too, probably way before you became one:)

    oh and yes, putting the baby upright makes her bones and muscles stronger. so i get your point, ok! i'm just speaking in part of my being a baby doctor, and sharing facts FYI.

    i have nothing against your momhood, seriously! i just, sort of, disagreed to your statement up there because in all sides of it, i have to disagree as a doctor:)

  6. Okie dokie doctor anonymous, i have a few things to point out to you.

    ONE. "i'm anonymous because you, too, are anonymous to me:)" Um. NO. I have to disagree. Obviously I'm NOT. You're here, in my webpage, and my name is basically everywhere (jeean/jeeanfoxy) and you've obviously read at least one blog post baout my life and you made a comment. I'm not anonymous to you. But YOU still choose to be anonymous to me.

    TWO. I find it hard to believe that you're a pediatrician. Pediatricians/doctors don't need to quote medical information because as professionals in that field they are knowledgeable and thus capable of making medical statements. You quoted something about the step-in-place reflex in your previous comment. I'm wondering why you didn't just say it without *quoting*. I'm not accusing you of being a liar, but you can't blame me for it.

    THREE. "i'm sorry for correcting you, and by the way, i'm a pediatrician and that's another fact.." If you think doctors are better than nurses, you're flattering yourself too much.

    FOUR. "because in *all sides* of it, i have to disagree as a doctor." Well maybe you skipped READING class? I said "little diva likes to walk." I don't think I said something like "little diva is actually walking without support without any help because she has magical powers and she can also turn back time, fly a plane, and turn pediatricians into fleas." Nope, never said any of that.

    FIVE. if you're gonna disagree about something and you're in someone else's territory, you better think before you act. otherwise you're a really sucky doctor.

    SIX. I find it interesting that you came back so soon to check for my reply. But thanks for being a fan. LOL

    SEVEN. I'm glad my baby's doctor knows a little etiquette.

    EIGHT. If you're not trying to offend me in any way, don't worry, I'm not. I'm just wondering why you're so eager at being a bubble burster and a know-it-all. Pretty bad for a doctor. :)

    Thanks for droppin by! :D LOL