Sunday, December 13, 2009

Early Christmas

Do you know what never goes out of style?


After attending the Holy Mass at 11am, my mom took me, my sisters, and my husband to lunch and shopping today (I never thought she had all that dinero, LOL) and we had a BLAST! And the best part about it is that Jai got these really awesome Chuck Taylors.

It took him a while before he made up his mind about which ones to get. Who could blame him? We were swimming in an ocean of shoes! Jai has never been really a shopping spree person, but this time I could sense that he was as excited as I was. There were just sooo many to choose from. But after a gruesome deliberation he narrowed it down to 3 pairs and then finally landed on these. I believe he made the perfect choice! The model also came with free black laces so we asked the salesman to do a trick combining the blacks & whites. Now Jai's new kicks look so much more extra cool.

Of course I never left the mall empty handed myself. I got a blue dress and shiny black sandals to wear on Christmas day, and a pair of sneakers for casual everyday use. But I have to say, the favorite thing I bought was a pink Precious Moments baby bag. Now I can really prepare for stuff to take to the hospital!

So thanks for the shopping date, Mommy & Daddy! It's like nothing has changed through the years. When I was younger, my younger sisters and I always had brand new clothes to wear on Christmas day and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that my parents still think of me as one of their babies even though I'm married and pregnant now. And what's more touching is that they treat my husband as a son they never had and wish they had.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas--inside and out!


  1. natagalan ako pumili kasi nakakahiya sa mommy. di ko naman inexpect na ibibili nya ko ng sapatos kahapon o kahit kailan. hay. salamat ng marami sa mommy. kaswerte ko talaga sa iyo...

  2. Mas swerte ako in sooo many ways.. kc akin ka. :*
    Waa I'm so happy for u!

  3. Jeeanfoxy!i have the same Precious Moments pink baby bag!!!!my bestfriend SexyNomad bought it for me when she visited me last October. hihihi...what a coincidence. =p Goodluck and Congrats to you and Jai!

  4. Same style kaya? That would be cool noh! Haha.. Thank you, Cheska! :)