Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cozy Coffee

What a relief! According to Babycenter preggos can still enjoy a cup of caffeinated bliss as long as they, I mean we don't overdo it. I've always loved coffee. I used to be employed in a call center and during graveyard shifts (which happens almost all the time) I always brought a sachet of instant coffee and my Starbucks tumbler with me. The water dispenser and the Imeem bossa nova tracks helped make my work hours feel like leisure time.

At work, sometime in early 2009. Nung call girl pa ko. Lol.
Trivia: The tumbler was a present from Jai.
The best thing about it was the personalized cover he designed
using different photos of me. :)

My husband isn't a fan of drinking coffee and his body doesn't seem to like it either. A trip to Starbucks means a trip to the bathroom right after. I don't think I can recall one time that his bowels didn't react so violently to a Starbucks drink. But I'm proud of him. He's not ashamed to admit it. Hehe.

We Batangueños are known as the Kapeng Barako province, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that we like to pour coffee on our rice especially during breakfast. Before I got married my mom always prepared a mug of sweet coffee at the breakfast table. There's always one mug especially made for pouring on rice. I especially loved rice and coffee with fried food: fish, chicken, hotdog, meat loaf, longganisa, etc. It was a thing that my family has imprinted on my DNA--something I grew up with and I don't think I can ever grow out of.

For breakfast this morning I had fried rice, omelette du fromage, a tablet of ObiMin, and a glass of water (using my beloved pink Coca-Cola glass, lol) and a cup of instant 3 in 1 coffee at the side. There's just something about coffee that makes your morning extra nice.

But please, no kopi luwak for me!

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